Welcome to an outlet of Jamie Klinger. I strive to promote honesty and authenticity in everything I do.

I hope that you’re reading this because you like the way I can capture a moment and are interested in having me capture some of your moments. If that’s the case, you should head over and contact me about your project and let’s see how we can create beautiful photographic memories together. We can also speak about how you might like to display them, perhaps in a simple blog post, perhaps on google maps or yelp if you own a business, or maybe you just want to print out copies to have and to cherish forever.

Besides my photography services, you may be interested to learn a bit about the other things I do. I am also a journalist, a community organizer, an artist, an entrepreneur, a writer, a marketer and a poker player. I am also the proud founder of the JoatU, the Jack of all Trades Universe, an economic platform for communities.

As a journalist, I enjoy writing articles on economics, alternative living, community, basic income and music.

As an activist, I am currently working with Revenu de Base Quebec, an organisation promoting and pushing forward Universal Basic Income, an unconditional welfare payment that would be paid to all citizens.

I have personally taken the Basic Income Guarantee pledge (created by Scott Santens) where I continue to work for good causes such as these and aspire to be able to make a simple living off of it.

If you are interested in supporting my endeavors, please consider hiring me for a contract, by contacting me to make a donation or by making a pledge here.


When I succeed in achieving a basic income through Patreon, I will open source a large portion of my photography collection with a creative commons license.