Cryptocurrency Consulting

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Conseils autour d’un café: Bitcoin et autres crypto-monnaies

Je peux vous expliquer comment investir, utiliser et sécuriser vos Bitcoin. Je peux également vous conseiller des techniques à faible risque pour augmenter la valeur de vos placements.

Voulez-vous investir vos Bitcoin dans d’autres crypto-monnaies ou dans des ICOs? Je peux vous aider à naviguer ces opportunités.

Ou cherchez-vous à comprendre ce qu’est Bitcoin et comment la technologie blockchain fonctionne? Voulez-vous savoir quelles sont les opportunités engendrés par cette innovation aujourd’hui et quel sera son impact futur à l’échelle globale? Nous pouvons également couvrir cela.

J’offre mes services en tant que crypto-enthousiaste depuis 2012 éduqué dans la théorie des jeux, l’économie alternative, la sécurité de crypto-monnaies et joueur/coach de poker professionnel.

50$/heure. Café dans le Mile-End. Autres lieux sur demande.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Education/Help over Coffee

I can teach you how to buy, manage, use and secure your Bitcoin. I can also show you low risk ways to increase the amount of Bitcoin you already have.

Want to invest your Bitcoin into other cryptocurrencies and ICOs? I can help you navigate that too.

Or are you looking to understand ‘what’ Bitcoin actually is and how the blockchain works? Do you want to know what makes it such a valuable asset today and why people see it growing to become a global game changer? We can cover that too.

I am offering my services as a Crypto-enthusiast since 2012 and who is educated as a game theorist, alt-economist, cryptocurrency security expert, and professional poker player and coach.

$50/hour. Mile-End coffee shop. Other locations available upon request.

Buying Bitcoin 101

Ready to get your feet wet and start buying Bitcoin a few hundred at a time or less?


Want more than that and are ready to meet someone in person to conduct a trade? I can be with you in person to help this go smoothly if you like. Use LocalBitcoins, sign up below.

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CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

If you have Bitcoin and you want to exchange them for another cryptocurrency, I would recommend signing up with Bitfinex. Save 10% of the fees for the first month with this link.


Already have Bitcoin and want them to be secured with the most affordable (and highly secure) hardware wallet around? Use Ledger.

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