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Honestly Marketing means no-nonsense and straight to the point solutions. With this approach, we have helped our clients achieve the results they sought in less time and in a comprehensible manner. Because we break down problems into manageable tasks, we are able to provide low cost solutions that can be more easily implemented.




Hello! I’m Jamie Klinger

For the past 13 years,  I have been focused on being a bonafide problem solver. I’ve honed my skills in business development, marketing, photography, computer software, security, and cryptocurrency.

I love doing all of the things, so I’ve taught myself how to build a pretty website, how to take a great photo, how to manage great security, what cryptocurrencies are all about, started an online (and offline) legal herb business, do talks and public speaking engagements, and offer out private consulting on the topics listed above!




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My Story and Skills

A dedicated activist and creator, I never want to stop sharing with the world. When I came up with the idea around JoatU, I knew I stumbled upon an idea whose time has come. Along the way, I’ve built more skills surrounding software, security, cryptocurrency, graphic design…And I’ve become a Youtuber, gotten pretty good at drawing and have become an even better photographer and photo editor. 

  • Cryptocurrency & Security software
  • Story telling through photography
  • Writing
  • Small Business Mentoring & Problem Solving

Speaking engagements

INM Ecole d’ete

I was invited to participate in a panel discussion on economic systems with IRIS, Ilot & Impakt Finance in August 2018.

young alumni concordia

Speaking to recent graduates at my alma mater Concordia University about JoatU and entrepreneurship in August 2018.

WWF Mcgill Interdisciplinary

Speaking primarily about metacurrency and decentralization and alternative lenses through which to view currencies and value in February 2018


MIS: Civic Incubator

JoatU was selected with nine others out of 85 candidates to participate in the Maison Innovation Sociale’s Civic Incubator to further the project’s development starting in September 2018.

District 3: MVP Program

JoatU was accepted to be a part of  the design thinking incubator program at Concordia’s District 3 in May 2018.

Awards & Recognition

Desjardins cooperathon 2018

Returning to the Cooperathon as a mentor to help guide young entrepreneurs with my experiences and design knowledge.

Soupe locale

September 2018 winner of Soupe Locale at Temps Libre Mile End.

Desjardins Cooperathon 2017

JoatU won the 2017 Desjardins Cooperathon in the category of Ville Intelligente et Inclusif.


Recent Projects

JoatU is my largest and most ambitious project that will likely be a central focus for at least another 5-10 years.

As a photographer over nearly 15 years, holding a camera in my hands is second nature. I love being able to flow in an environment and grab hold of the space with my field of vision. I can assure you that the photos I take for you will be unique and have heart.

Mix This Mix is an herbal blend project that I created to help people who want to taste and mix different blends of natural organic and 100% legal herbs.
Cryptocurrency & Security education is another passion of mine as I really love being able to learn more and  share the knowledge of good practices.


Jack of all trades Universe (Founder)

open source community development platform

Mix This Mix: Better Than Tea Herbs

branding, site Design, Graphic Design

Journeying through Photography

Storytelling, creative visualization event photography

Security, IT & Cryptocurrencies

consulting, software, practical education

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