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It all starts with Bitcoin, so here are the first things you need to know.

Bitcoin is a trustless ledger of account. Information can be transmitted from one account to another and have global verification to certify the authenticity of the transaction.

Bitcoin solves the Byzantine Generals Problem.

Depending on your level of knowledge and interest, I can walk you through how Bitcoin, Blockchain, and several different Cryptocurrencies function as well as be your personal guide to learning how best to get in. I highly recommend reading this article to get started:   “Nobody Understands Bitcoin {and that’s ok)”

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Crypto Coaching

Are you new to the space and don’t know where to start? Curious about the tech? Want to learn how to buy, manage or trade crypto? Contact me with your needs and let’s see if we can help you understand.

Security Coaching

If you are going to be working with thousands of dollars through your computer, you ought to be certain that your machine isn’t compromised. Let me teach you the right software to use and the right practices to keep your communications private.

Workshops & Presentations

Do you want to introduce your business partners to crypto or security? I can tailor a beautiful, informative and incredibly engaging presentation to suit your specific needs for groups of all sizes.

Security Coaching

If your actual mother’s maiden name is a security answer to gain access your password, you’re doing it wrong. Learn quality security practices from a professional and don’t leave yourself open to getting hacked. How much is your security really worth?

Where to Invest in Crypto?

Getting into crypto is nowhere near as hard as it was in 2013, but it still isn’t a walk in the park. Having an expert guide your decisions will be the most cost-saving decision you might ever make. With the market growing exponentially, you don’t want a poor decision to turn your financial freedom into financial ruin.


Ready to get your feet wet and start buying Bitcoin a few hundred at a time or less?

Visit Coinbase and get 10$ in additional Bitcoin with your first 100$ purchase.

local, wherever you are

Want to purchase thousands in Bitcoin? Meet in person or conduct a trade online. I can help you facilitate this transaction.

Sign up to LocalBitcoins.

quick purchases

Want Bitcoin quickly with a US credit card of Western Union? Click below for CoinMama.

Large, Reliable & Secure

If you have Bitcoin and you want to exchange them for another cryptocurrency, I would recommend signing up with Bitfinex. Save 10% of the fees for the first month with this link.

trade alt-coins worry free

Binance is a fast growing exchange with over 50 cryptocurrencies you can trade. They’re easy to use and have a lot of very happy customers.

OFFLINE hardware wallet

Secure your Bitcoin with an affordable and versatile hardware. Use Ledger.

Passwords, Privacy, hacking

Explore your options and see what you can use to better protect yourself in the world of ever-expanding technology. We can help you set these products up for the highest level of security possible.

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