Lock Down Your Laptop.

The best time to build a security protocol? Ten years ago. The second best time? Today. Learn what you need to become a security expert of your own in just a few sessions.


What We Do

Cyber Security

Learn the best practices to protect your data and how to avoid finding yourself in a vulnerable position. No matter your skills (or lack of them), we will be able to help.


Even with good practices, using inefficient software can put you at risk. Learn the tools that professionals are using to keep them secure.

Backup Plan(s)

Cloud and off-site backups are the smartest ways to insure that you never lose your most important files. Backing up should be part of your regular maintenance.


When connecting to the Internet, we expose ourselves to a lot of risks. If you value your privacy, learn how to safeguard it.


We’ve studied for years so that we can teach you in hours. Don’t start from scratch, hire a professional and spend your time wisely.


Now that you have installed your software, are you using it properly? Is it doing what you want or is it getting in the way?


Teach to Fish

This isn’t about doing it for you and having you call us up repeatedly for similar issues. We are not selling you fish. We are teaching you to fish for yourselves.

Learn Security When You Don't Need It So You'll Be Ready In Case You Do

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. How much is your security and privacy worth to you? If you said any figure greater than $100, you have no reason to delay.

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Easy Software to Start Browsing Safely.

It isn’t just good practices that will help protect you, using the highest quality software will make a big difference. Click them to learn more.




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